As a small business owner, my goal is to establish long-term relationships with other small businesses to assist them in their accounting, tax and financial planning needs. I also work with individuals in their financial planning, estate and income tax needs. I am interested in working closely with other professionals as necessary to fulfill a client's goal.

Having worked in the accounting profession for over 30 years, attaining my Certified Public Accounting Certification in 1982, I have come to realize that an integral part of success of any undertaking is adequate planning. I help clients plan from both economic and tax strategies. Obviously preplanning and being pro-active is much better than after the fact crisis management and being reactive.

Because money doesn't come with instructions, in October 1996, I became a licensed registered investment advisor and insurance agent to better assist clients in the financial / estate planning process. With the increasing complexities of tax legislation and the ever expanding arena of financial products & services, I feel that this venture has helped my clients as they plan for their (and their employees') financial future.

I use a variety of computer programs in all of the various planning opportunities and have access to the Internet for additional support.

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